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I believe in giving back to the community and society at large for all that I have learned and achieved on my professional journey. In a way, that is why I enjoy sharing my experiences, knowledge and ideas publishing thought leadership articles and points of view in various print and online publications. And I realize there is as much, and more, left to learn, achieve, and share. 

World Economic Forum - Here's how to build better public transport after COVID-19

COVID-19 may have put the world on a one-way street to change, but it has not stopped the traffic. As resilient people across the globe prepare to return to a new kind of normal, commuting and public health will take centre stage.

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader
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Business Times - The Games must go on

By adopting bio-bubbles and leveraging technology, we will see the accelerated return to normalcy in the sporting world. Many of these changes will also likely change the nature of sports for good in the long term.

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Business Times - Sustainable Smart Buildings

Sustainable smart building transformations are a reality for a safer future beyond COVID-19. A look at how innovation and technology go beyond infection containment…

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Singapore Business Review - Enablers of a sustainable digital strategy

With every industry charging ahead with digital transformations, business leaders and environmentalists alike are concerned with the negative impacts of surging energy consumption. As industries everywhere mobilise to embrace the digital economy, smart companies will seize this moment as an opportunity to integrate sustainability into their digital transformation strategies – to mitigate both the societal and financial costs of unchecked energy demands.


3 ways to prevent dark data from casting a shadow on the planet

Organization must build sustainable and unified data analysis strategy to optimize operational performance, business success flow, and overall enterprise resilience. Unless companies shift to enterprise-wide good data hygiene, carbon emissions from data-led digital transformations will continue to be overlooked. They need to carefully consider ‘data efficiency’ as a key component of any IT efficiency assessment.


IEEE Xplore - Sustainable Digital Transformation of Heritage Tourism

Tourism has always meant big business. With the travel service sector being the economic backbone of several countries, heritage tourism becomes a key fiscal factor for growth. So far, technology in the travel and tourism industry primarily focused on customer engagement and service, aiming at a simplified digital experience from booking a trip and planning the itinerary to organizing payments and post-trip memories.


IOT for all - How Intelligent Video Analytics Transformed Retail Stores

Gone are the days when retail stores were about unending racks of piled up items and crowded shelves. Customers were attracted by window displays of the best wares on sale and by the choice that the store appeared to offer at first glance. It then meant a series of steps, from sifting through the products to making a satisfactory purchase after queuing up to bill. The retail landscape is changing like never before.

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Industrial Automation  - Redefining Worker Safety In Manufacturing

Despite the back-and-forth nature of the fight against COVID-19, we are seeing both industry leaders and regulators talk more about the return to “normalcy” – but normal does not necessarily mean a return to the way things were done, especially in light of the changes and lessons that this epidemic has forced on the industry.


Digicon Asia - 2022: The year of data center sustainability


While AI is expected to pose a conundrum in causing more DC utilization and create carbon demand, AIOps can pay back more than what is consumed. According to Vinod Bijlani, Artificial intelligence and Data Practice Leader, APAC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise: “I hope to see more widespread use of the technology in areas such as security and power management. These use cases will be vital especially in a future where data centers are keeping a minimal number of staff on-site at a facility.”

Digicon Asia - How the data center industry can use technology to improve sustainability


Improvements in aisle design, cooling systems and AI can make such power-hungry premises pay back greater dividends to improve the world.

CDO Trends - Digital Transformation of Healthcare beyond COVID-19

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

The pandemic sparked off disruptive research and innovation in medical science, advancement in healthcare has seen continuous evolution over time. In this article, I describe the stages of transformation through Covid-19 and beyond. 

IoT Tribe - Explainable AI

The ubiquity of AI in our daily lives has brought about the need to understand how AI systems work and why they make the decisions that they do. Explainable AI (XAI) is the framework to help humans interpret the multidimensional journey of data from the time of input to the final predictive output made by machines

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Traffic Technology Today - How AI And IoT Can Reshape Public Transit In the COVID Era

AI and IoT developments in rail transit systems shows the way to COVID-free transportation services. Here’s the latest on the transformation…

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

CDO Trends - Smart Buildings Transformations beyond COVID

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Smart buildings using intelligent technology to support public health is needed worldwide. Key measures and guidelines for the transformative journey…

IoT for all - Theme Parks in the Post COVID Era: AI and IoT based Transformation

Theme parks are known for their happiness hormones and may just be the best-prescribed antidote to Covid-induced stress. However, it may be quite a roller coaster of a ride before the parks can boast of having gotten back to their once-booming business of bringing smiles on happy faces.

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

CDO Trends - A Case for Sustainable Theme Parks Beyond COVID-19

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

COVID-19 knocked the world for a loop. Theme parks across the globe shut their gates to otherwise bustling troupes of euphoric people. Rides came to a grinding halt; shows and attractions were suspended.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise - From DevOps to AIOps with the power of HPC

Learn how AIOps uses AI, ML, and DL with the power of HPC to simplify IT operations management while accelerating and automating problem resolution in complex modern IT environments.

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

CDO Trends - Re-imagining Airport Safety With Emerging Technologies

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Technology-enabled contactless travel is all set to enhance passenger experience and improve airport safety. Here’s to a tech-driven touch-less, safe journey…

Business Airport International - How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Airports For Better Public Health

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

AI, IoT and robotics, woven together by mobile apps, can transform airports for better public health and improved security. Take a look…

CDO Trends - Why Intelligent, Data-Sharing Networks Will Rule Public Transportation

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Technology and intelligent data sharing can improve public transportation systems for better passenger commute. Some facts and real-time initiatives from around the world…

Traffic Technology Today - Why Public Transport Must Now Enable Real-Time Data Sharing

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Advanced data analytics and AI are key to improve transit services and make for a better ride. A look at some transportation transformation best practices…

ISB Insight - Leveraging Technology For Smarter Transportation

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

The importance of technology in better data analysis and traffic management is paramount. Here’s how an integrative transport management system can help…

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