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Passionate about sharing my thoughts and ideas, which can make a difference to the world around me. Every step along my 23-year journey has contributed to the next, where I have not only learnt a lot but always endeavored to give back. Whether guiding colleagues and teammates with their goals, assisting promising start-ups, sharing knowledge and ideas speaking at forums and publishing thought leadership articles, I realize there is as much, and more, left to learn, achieve, and share.

The Triple Bottom Line Approach to Sustainable Buildings

Buildings that are responsible for high carbon emissions consume large amounts of energy and natural resources, adversely impacting the entire climate ecosystem. The Triple Bottom Line (3BL) approach to sustainability suitably adopted to the buildings industry can help cure the carbon catastrophe and make a shift towards long-term climate care. With the triple pillars of people, planet, and profitability at its core, the 3BL framework can help us reverse-engineer the concept of sustainability of buildings for better quality of life on a greener planet.

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Smart City Buildings for a Resilient, Sustainable Future

We are living in rapidly changing times where the world is running low on its carbon budget in trying to rapidly transition to net zero. We are also living amidst transformations, innovation, and operational modernization to be able to provide for a Smart City, including climate health. Future smart cities demand a balanced blend of data and technology to create diversely inclusive and sustainable solutions.


Sustainability and Health in a Smart City: Health at the Heart of a Smart City

Smart cities have so far focused on improving citizens' standards of living, with emphasis on better transportation, improved housing spaces and workplaces, and energy conservation. A pandemic-stricken world emerging to adopt a new normal has shifted the focus to health and hastened the need for leveraging technology to enable Smart Cities to move to the next level of wellbeing.


Transformative Innovation in Course Design for STEM-Based E-Learning

Students today are the workers and leaders of tomorrow. It is, therefore, essential to future-proof education against serious disruptions to ensure continued socioeconomic development in the world. The distant learning format is, as yet, largely uncharted in several parts of the world. But it is set to revolutionize teaching and learning in the years to come. By leveraging the pandemic circumstances that disrupted in-person, face-to-face instruction, the author recommends a set of fundamental solutions to bring the complexities of STEM learning back on course.

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