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Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of contributing to the extant global research pool on topics of sustainability and climate technology through my research and writing. My published papers are a testament to my expertise and unwavering commitment to intellectual rigor. Often, I have explored innovative topics and provided new perspective on issues that matter.

Jan 23 - 25 2023| International Conference on Advanced Innovations in Smart Cities at Jeddah International College


Smart Buildings for Sustainable Smart Cities - current trends and the way forward for sustainable Smart buildings to create cities that are intelligent, connected, safe, affordable, and green.


Advancing Green CSR with Buildings to Achieve Sustainable Sustainability - Greener built environments can help companies shift towards green CSR using Smart technology and sustainability
practices. He highlights the criticality of leveraging persuasive and behavioral strategies to bring about a change in employee engagement towards sustainability.

Nov 18 - 19 2022| Future of Smart Cities IEREK Malaysia 

Net Zero Transformation of Smart Buildings with Gamification and Sustainability Performance Monitoring System - how Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled gamification solutions can contribute to a greener, more sustainable, Smart city.


Oct 13-15 2021, 2021 | IEEE | Virtual Conference

Rethinking Traffic Management with 5G - 2021 IEEE 4th 5G World Forum 5GWF’21

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Sept 20-24, 2021 | IEEE | Virtual Conference

The Best Time to Travel – Virtually! IEEE IoT Vertical and Topical Summit for Tourism

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

June 14 - July 31, 2021 | Virtual Conference

AI and IoT in Smart Workspaces for the Future. IEEE 7th World Forum on IoT

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader
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