Vinod Bijlani
Innovator, Strategist
& AI Leader

I see a future world that is meaningfully transformed by Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Industry 5.0 — a world that is radically safer, healthier, and more sustainable. I believe in my passion for using technology in improving the quality of life; of data transforming governance; of AI being implemented for better energy management and achieving carbon neutral status. I am Distinguished Thought Leader, with 25 patents and authorship in various publications.

AI & IoT Practice Leader

Responsible for defining and executing HPE's AI and IoT strategy to address APAC region engagements.

Executive Architect

Responsible for driving all Lab Services engagements for Smarter Cities and Safer Planet solutions – Transportation, Public Safety, Smarter Cities and Counter Fraud.

Chief Product Architect

Led the architecture and design of core components for IBM Intelligent Transportation.



years experience




smart city projects



working on making cities ‘Smarter’ for over a decade


Credited with 25 patents focused on Advanced Data Analytics in Smart Transportation, Autonomous Vehicles, and Retail solutions.

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader
Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Thought Leadership

I am passionate about sharing my thoughts and ideas which can make a difference to the world around.

I have published numerous articles on Artificial Intelligence-based Digital Transformations, specifically around Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Airports, and Intelligent Transportation.

Industry Giveback

I am a core member of the IT Standards Committee Singapore (ITSC-SG) and Singapore Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS).

I am actively involved in mentoring start-ups, and am currently supporting IoT Tribe, Singapore, as mentor for the Internet of Things start-ups around the world.

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader



Selected to be part of the IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) in August 2012 - Cloud Computing for Highly Regulated Environments and Smarter Cities for Private Sector.


Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Open Group Certified Distinguished IT Architect

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

IBM Senior Certified Architect

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer

Executive Programs

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders - University of Texas, Austin

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities - Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Sloan

Vinod Bijlani, Innovator, Strategist & AI Leader

Artificial Intelligence in Business: Creating Value with Machine Learning - Harvard Extension School


My blogs and have been serving as a repository of my experiences, where I focus on understanding the disruptions and accelerated innovations that organizations will need to go through as part of their digital transformation journeys.

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